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October 1, 5 and 26, 2007 - Trunews Interview with Rick Wiles

Listen to October 1 Interview - MP3 (10MB, 60min)    Listen to October 5 Interview - MP3 (10MB, 60min)    Listen to October 26 Interview - MP3 (10MB, 60min)
  Paul's mysterious trip to Arabia and his revelation of the future resurrection of the dead and the catching up
  What is the meaning the "last trumpet" or the "trumpet of God" before the resurrection of the dead in Christ?
  What pattern is present in the resurrections of Jesus, the "many saints" and the two witnesses?
  What is the significance of the sixth seal? Does scripture support a catastrophic resurrection and rapture event?
  A detailed study of the first century ascension of Jesus Christ to the right hand of God in Revelation 4-5.
  A walk through the first through fifth seals and how they relate to current events.

Listen to this excerpt from the June 21, 2007 Trunews broadcast which prompted me to contact Rick Wiles for an interview. MP3 (0.3MB, 1min)

October 19 and 26, 2007 - WARN Radio Interview with Dana Smith

Listen to October 19 Interview - MP3 (29MB, 60min)    Listen to October 26 Intervivew - MP3 (29MB, 60min)
  Discussion of current events plaguing the United States and the church
  Will there be a catastrophe in the United States prior to the catching up?
  Overview of the sixth seal earthquake resurrection model.
  How does the model apply to recent events, such as the massive December 2004 tsunami?
  Discussion of the first five seals of Revelation 6 and how they apply to historical events.

July 13, 2007 - David Lowe Hosts, Interviews Peter Goodgame on The Big Finale

Listen to Interview MP3 (18MB, 60min)
  The Giza Discovery - Egypt and the Great Pyramid of Giza
  Who was Osiris and what is the cult of Osiris in the mystery religions?
  What do we know about Nimrod from the Word of God?
  How do we know that Osiris and Nimrod were one and the same?
  The revealing of the Antichrist and the timing of the Apocalypse
  Could a resurrected Osiris/Nimrod be the Antichrist in the future?

June 22, 2007 - The Big Finale with Bruce Collins

Listen to Interview MP3 (14MB, 55min)
  Overview of Earthquake Resurrection and Then His Voice Shook the Earth
  Understand Rev. chapter 5 from a first century ascension perspective
  The four spirits of Zechariah chapter 6 and the four horsemen of the first four seals
  A detailed discussion of the symbolism and interpretation of the first seal
  A detailed discussion of the symbolism and interpretation of the second seal
  A detailed discussion of the symbolism and interpretation of the third seal
  A detailed discussion of the symbolism and interpretation of the fourth seal
  Christian martyrdom, the National ID Card, RFID laser tattoos and the fifth seal
  The sixth seal ushering in the day of the Lord's wrath

April 24, 2007 - Future Quake with Dr. Future - "The Sound of Future Cataclysm and Judgment"

Listen to Segment 1 - MP3 (5.5MB, 30min)    Listen to Segment 2 - MP3 (6.5MB, 30min)
Listen to Segment 3 - MP3 (5.5MB, 30min)    Listen to Segment 4 - MP3 (6.5MB, 30min)
  Where did the inspiration and ideas in my books come from?
  A brief introduction about Earthquake Resurrection
  Paul's mysterious trip to Arabia, and its connection to the future resurrection/rapture event
  What does what happened on Mt. Sinai in the past have to do with the future?
  A detailed discussion of the meaning of the "last trumpet" voice of God
  Jesus' examples of what life would be like before his return
  What the kingdom of God and the ascension have to do with the vision of Rev. chapter 4-5
  A discussion of the spirit of Antichrist unleashed with the opening of the first seal
  A detailed discussion of the meaning of the third seal and economic collapse
  What is the meaning and purpose of the ceremony of incense after the seventh seal is opened
  New developments with the books and with the website
  Did you know the sun sings? Just like the Bible said - the creation declares the glory of the Lord

April 20, 2007 - The Big Finale with Bruce Collins

Listen to Segment 1 - MP3 (7.8MB, 35min)    Listen to Segment 2 - MP3 (6.3MB, 25min)
Segment 1
  Advice for first time writers
  Why did I write Then His Voice Shook the Earth?
  Paul's mysterious trip to Arabia, and its connection to the future resurrection/rapture event
  A detailed discussion of the meaning of the "last trumpet" voice of God
  The Shroud of Turin and the convergence of the natural and supernatural worlds
  Why are the days of Noah and Lot are compared to the days of the coming of the Son of Man?
Segment 2
  What are the cause of earthquakes?
  A detailed discussion of the meaning of the third seal and economic collapse
  The RFID chip and hyperinflation bringing on the mark of the beast?
  The National ID Card under the Real ID Act - it's coming!
  Prosperity and positive thinking preaching vs. what Jesus and the apostles taught in the Bible
  How horrific will the future wrath of God be?
  What makes you think you are going to heaven?

April 06, 2007 - The Eagle 93.9 with Derek Gilbert

Listen to Interview - MP3 (8.5MB 40min)
  The resurrection of the "many saints" of Matthew 27....when and why?
  The resurrection of Lazarus
  The shroud of Turin and the supernatural release of energy
  The December 2004 tsunami disaster vs. the future sixth seal catastrophe
  Jesus and Paul talking about "sudden destruction" at the day of the Lord
  What's the big deal about Jesus sitting at God's right hand?
  Why you must understand Rev. 4-5 in order to understand when the first five seals were opened

September 18, 2006 - The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes

Listen to Segment 1 - MP3 (8.2MB)    Listen to Segment 2 - MP3 (10.5MB)
Segment 1
  Resurrection, transformation and catching-up
  Talk about the new book, Then His Voice Shook the Earth
  The last trumpet is the voice of God shaking the earth
  The connection of the sixth seal events with a global earthquake resurrection
  The pattern of earthquakes coinciding with the resurrection to immortality
  The Shroud of Turin and the convergence of the natural and supernatural worlds
  The guilt of shedding innocent blood, and how it is cleansed in the earth
Segment 2
  Should Christians support this war or any war?
  Institutionalization and paganization of the church, syncretizing Christianity with pagan gods and holidays
  George W. Bush and the Order of Skull and Bones
  Who do Luciferians worship?
  September 11 and the provocation of blind patriotism to kill "terrorists"
  World Trade Center Building 7 and the media blackout
  The Hegelian Dialectic in the world and a call to evangelism

June 24, 2006 - PZ Radio with Ray Gano

Listen to Segment 1 - MP3 (4.5MB)    Listen to Segment 2 - MP3 (5.1MB)
  The absence of Jesus Christ in Revelation chapter 5 in the throne room, and his sudden appearance in the middle of the throne as a picture of his 1st century ascension
  The connection of the last trumpet at the resurrection of the dead to the coming global catastrophe
  A discussion of the first five seals and how they are being fulfilled today
  The importance of the events of the sixth seal
  Paul and Jesus refer to the sudden destruction that will usher in the day of the Lord's wrath
  The appearance of the innumerable group of resurrected persons in Rev. chapter 7
  A forecast for the future based on the earthquake resurrection model
  The missing from the tsunami in comparison to the missing in the catching-up event

June 23, 2006 - The Big Finale with Bruce Collins

Listen to Interview - MP3 (13.1MB)
  Paul's possible revelation of Jesus Christ in Arabia at Mount Sinai
  The sign of Jonah and it's significance with Jesus' prediction of his resurrection
  What is the rapture, and when does it occur
  The connection of the sixth seal events with a global earthquake resurrection
  The pattern of earthquakes coinciding with the resurrection to immortality in the New Testament
  Examination of the opening of the first four seals and their effect in the natural world
  The tipping point for bringing persecution and martyrdom to America

June 20, 2006 - The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes

Listen to Segment 1 - MP3 (9.5MB)    Listen to Segment 2 - MP3 (10.8MB)
  The connection of the last trumpet at the resurrection of the dead to the coming global catastrophe
  The pattern of the resurrection into immortal bodies coinciding with earthquakes
  Applying the earthquake resurrection pattern to the future resurrection of the dead in Christ
  The connection of the sixth seal events with a global earthquake resurrection
  The mysterious identity of the 24 elders
  Revelation chapter 5 and the 1st century ascension of Jesus Christ to the right hand of God
  Examination of the opening of the first four seals and their effect in the natural world
  The shedding of innocent blood in the fifth seal and how the earth is defiled with its guilt
  The supernatural and the natural worlds converge at the coming global catastrophe, and the 2004 tsunami preview

May 29, 2006 - Peering Into Darkness Radio with Derek and Sharon Gilbert #2

Listen to Interview - MP3 (15MB)
  The difference between a resurrection to mortality and immortality
  The mysterious resurrection of the "many saints" of Matthew 27
  The pattern of the resurrection into immortal bodies coinciding with earthquakes
  Applying the earthquake resurrection pattern to the future resurrection of the dead in Christ
  Understanding the meaning and importance of Daniel's 70 Weeks
  Revelation chapter 5 and the 1st century ascension of Jesus Christ to the right hand of God
  Examination of the opening of the first four seals and their effect in the natural world

January 9, 2006 - Peering Into Darkness Radio with Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Listen to Interview - MP3 (10MB)

December 31, 2005 - The Edge AM Interview with Daniel Ott

Listen to Hour 1 - MP3 (7.8MB)    Listen to Hour 2 - MP3 (8.95MB)

November 1, 2005 - Future Quake Interview with Dr. Future

Listen to Hour 1 - MP3 (41MB)    Listen to Hour 2 - MP3 (41MB)

Raiders New Update, Bruce Collins
Excerpt: For many people, Bible prophecy is as user friendly as a prickly pear. Lowe makes things easy by patiently connecting the ‘Then His Voice Shook The Earth’ is another Bible Prophecy masterpiece by David Lowe. It has the same unique and fresh prophecy perspectives that readers have come to expect since ‘Earthquake Resurrection.’ This book is another first rate winner and highly recommended.

Raiders News Update by Tom Horn, Author and Editor
Excerpt: . . . small in comparison to what Lowe was forecasting, and the earth changes along the Three Sisters volcanic range nearby was taking on a portentous feel in light of his research. My thoughts drifted to the ominous Yellowstone supervolcano system, ruptures of the New Madrid and San Andreas fault zones, Mount St. Helen’s behaving erratically, Mauna Loa growling, Cumbre Vieja shaking off the coast of Africa, Mount Belinda erupting on one side of the world while simultaneously Mount Augustine was going off at the other pole, and I wondered, what's up? David had an answer, and It troubled me.

Watcher Magazine by Derek P. Gilbert, Author of Iron Dragons
Excerpt: AT A TIME when the most influential books on end times prophecy are found in the fiction aisle of your local bookstore, and those books spawn a mini-industry of spinoffs, movies, and, soon, video games, it is telling that the most original thinking and writing on interpreting biblical prophecy comes from authors who are publishing independently. . . I strongly suggest, however, that anyone interested in putting the theology of Left Behind to the test look up Red Moon Rising by Peter D. Goodgame, The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse by Patrick Heron, or–if fiction is your preference–The Facade by Dr. Michael S. Heiser. To this list, let me add Earthquake Resurrection by David W. Lowe.

Strong Tower Publishing by H.L. Nigro, Author and Editor
Excerpt: Despite the sensational title and marketing copy, this is a serious book by an author who has done his homework.

ProphezineNews.com by Ray Gano, Editor
Excerpt: He weaves current seismic and volcanic events together with a great amount of supporting scripture, then he poses the question about whether the sixth seal holds clues to help decipher important questions about the resurrection and the rapture. Many have always wondered how the world will react to the rapture of the church, and how it will be explained. This book offers a very plausible scenario for the disappearance of millions: that it will be masked by global catastrophe, and their disappearance simply counted as among the missing in the catastrophe.

Rapture Ready by Terry James, Author and Co-editor
Excerpt: The fascinating title of this book caught my attention and made me want to find out more about it. I was skeptical about his claim that the book features a unique prophetic model that may change the way the Bible prophecy is viewed. After reading it, I believe there to be considerable merit in the work.

Alpha and Omega Interview by R.A. Coombes, Author and Editor
Excerpt: This is a special interview with David Lowe, author of the new prophetic study Earthquake Resurrection: Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe.

Prophecy Watchdog by JD Shelton, Editor
Excerpt: When I first heard about David Lowe’s book, "Earthquake Resurrection”, I dismissed it as another attempt by someone to capitalize on the fear and uncertainty that is gripping the population of this planet in respect to earth changes and increase in severe weather , and riding the coattails of the “Left Behind” series. Probably just another lame, badly written with weak dialogue, feeble attempt at a work of fiction that tries to fit the Book of Revelation to their story. Boy. Was I wrong.

The American Chronicle, Bruce Collins
Excerpt: For many people, Bible prophecy is as user friendly as a prickly pear. Lowe makes things easy by patiently connecting the dots and mapping out a timeline within the context of the Great Seals. I found myself not wanting to put the book down. It's detailed and conclusive.

Ongoing Amazon.com Reviews
"Just read your book - great job and a great effort. Much appreciated. I authored "Signs of the Coming Christ", a scriptural reference guide to prophecy...I'm very interested in your theory...you did one of the most thought provoking studies I have seen in a looooooong time - I applaud this great effort of yours."S. S.

"I read most of your book this past weekend. WOW!! So much meat in there!! I am so impressed with your genius in interpreting Revelation, and all the proof you give. . .I'm just astounded. Your book is amazing!!

I cannot imagine the amount of research you did. I hope you are selling many of your books. (I'm sure you've looked into selling your book at a book store.) I just hope your book gets into the hands of many many people. Thank you so much for writing this book. My main interest is learning more of the Word and end-time prophecies. I feel like I've made a giant leap in that endeavor by reading your book."Karen Bowers

"Well, I just finished reading "Earthquake Resurrection" and it was very thought-provoking and well-written. I must say I appreciate your great attention to detail."Lisa Madsen

"I already bought 3 of them (Earthquake) and gave 2 away. It's the greatest breakthrough in 25 years of my reading on this topic...Almost all of the other guys are afraid to change as time goes by even when new information comes along."Ronald Bashista, Michigan

"I am very much enjoying your book and I am happy to "critique" it constructively once I am finished. I really like the format and find it easy to follow. You have a very Missleresque scientific style, but with the same easy reading format that allows me to keep the thread of the argument. What I can say of the content is that your model is fascinating and it has made me want to get in deeper and see if these things are closer than the traditional pre-trib model. (You are also the first to get me thinking about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.)"Steve Hall

"Earthquake Resurrection is a most excellent book. Revelation makes far more sense now than it did under the traditional model...Your explanation of the last trumpet is very well done and makes far more sense than any other explanation I've heard before.

Prior explanations just weren't very satisfying, such as a trumpet blown during Rosh Hashanah, or the seventh trumpet judgment. I really like how you compare Scripture with Scripture to come to your conclusions."Dan Bott

"While it took some time to clear away the stuff of everyday life to devote the proper attention to your books, I was finally able to dive in. I can only say that I have been blown away by your analysis, your careful observation of scripture, and your absolutely Spirit-inspired ability to describe God's plan for the ages. I have not read anything so well-researched and well-written in a long time. I'm about half way through the first book, and have been diving into the Word trying to anticipate the meaning of various scriptures such as the earthquake in Ezekiel 38 during the invasion of the army from the north.

For years I've studied prophecy, the pre-incarnate appearances of Christ in the Old Testament, the timeline given to Daniel (which could have been followed by generations of the Magi, culminating in their visit to Bethlehem), and the patterns and images God scattered throughout His Word. Your analysis is incredibly exciting, and I thank you for the hard work and effort to put this material together. I plan to share your book with others, and pray that God will open many more eyes through your words, to the coming events on this earth's last days.

Once I've finished the first book and can complete the second, I will try to follow up. For now, just know that you've made a student of the Word very happy."Michael Hardwick

"After a few months I have finally been able to read your book a few times. I must say it is one of the best researched books I have ever read. I do understand your “new views” on having the first seals occur now. I had been realizing that could happen too for some time now but you are the first one I have seen to write about it."John Clay, Direct of Opportunity House

"I cant tell you how much your book, "Earthquake Resurrections has helped me. I have taught for years that the rapture and the Day of The Lord begins in the sixth seal. You have given me much information to verify that this is true. I began a study in my Church a few weeks ago and this Sunday will begin in Chapter 4. Your information came just in time to give me what I have been looking for to prove that Johns` catching up was not the Rapture. Also I have always believed the 24 Elders were the 24 Priest in Heaven represented by the Priesthood on earth. You made this very clear and the transfer of the Priesthood from John to Jesus is something I have never seen or read from anyone else." Jimmy Barnes, Chaplin in Florida

"In checking out the RaptureReady site this morning, something I have done regularly since finding it a month ago, I came across your article on the possibility of earthquakes at the time of the rapture. This article gave me chills because this is EXACTLY the scenario that I have been thinking about this past week, even though until reading your article I have never run across that scenario in print. I have always been subliminally bothered/puzzled by the scenarios where all is calm and then suddenly everyone raptured simply disappears. The simultaneous timing of massive earthquakes would certainly accomplish the two things you mentioned--a plausible explanation as to why so many people are "missing" (many unbelievers would most certainly perish at the same time, unfortunately, but that fact alone would make the absence of only the believers not so glaring), and the removal of the U.S. as a player in the end-time events of the tribulation.
This scenario just has been weighing on my mind this week and to see it presented so carefully and logically, using the wonderful Scripture you cited, has been a real affirmation. You are a very talented writer, and I want to thank you and bless you for the many, many hours you undoubtedly spent constructing such a convincing and well-thought-out article. May God continue to use your awesome talent!" Shanna Greenwalt

"I am not a happy camper!!!!!!! I finsihed the book, and I really wanted it to go on, and on. You did a wonderful job in writing the book, David. The Lord certainly has opened your spiritual eyes, and has given you so many blessings as a writer. I wanted you to know that your book has given back the reassurance of a Pre trib rapture. More importantly, it has given back HOPE, for which I thank you!. I can't believe how blind we have become to God's word. Your book has helped me to look at it in a different light. I hope you will have more books out soon, especially one's that will give hope to a weary and confused generation. May God continue to bless you in a mighty way! Sharon G.

"The pattern David Lowe presents in this book is extremely interesting. Earthquake Resurrection has alot of very good information and my attention was captured from the first to the last chapter. I was amazed at the amount of well-documented research Mr. Lowe has done. David told me through e-mail he was writing a book about earthquakes and how they relate to Bible Prophecy. To tell the truth, I was not really interested in reading another book on Biblical Prophecy. After David and I exchanged many e-mails, I decided the book might be worth reading. Wow, am I glad that decision was made. I've been a Christian since 1975 and have graduated from college and seminary with degrees in theology, but throughout my education I have never made the connections between New Testament Scripture and Old Testament Passages the way David has.
I was inspired to do futher study on some of the information Mr. Lowe presents. Here are two that particularly stand out. God called Moses up to The Mountian in Ex. 19 for a special purpose, and God calls His New Testament Church out of this world system for a special purpose as well. The Hebrew word for God's Call to Moses is "qara" and the Greek word for God's New Testament Church is "ejkklhisva". This is one example that inspired me to futher study on how these two words may relate. In Jer. 11:16 The Lord kindled a fire on a green olive tree and branches were broken off. Paul tells us that wild olive branches were grafted into this tree where the natural one were broken off. Before the wild branches were grafted in, God put Israel through a purification process of 70 years captivity according to Jer.25:11. This caused me to study how the purification of God's Children through the captivity relates to the purification of The New Testament Church through trials. I plan to reread "Earthquake Resurrection" at least once.
The last chapter was one of the best ways to finish a book I've read. I think David Lowe gives an evengelistic invitation for the nonchristian to trust Christ as well as a challenge to The Christian to stay in Covenant Relationship with God's Son and be an overcomer." Rev. William Overman

"I have studied biblical prophecy since I was 10 years old and my dad handed me a copy of "The Late, Great, Planet Earth". After 33 years of study, Your book has solved what I have seen as flaws and inconsistencies in the traditional "pre-trib" model and interpretation. . . You have forever changed my view of how The Revelation Of Jesus Christ should be interpreted." David Shelton, Editor of www.unsealedprophecy.com

"I've read many books on endtime prophecy. This one has crystalized many things that just did not quite seem to fit. Its still a pre-trib outlook, but the sense of it really took my breath away. . . I am absolutely compelled to share it with all of you. . . You must look into this for yourselves to grasp the enormity of the information presented in this book. I feel it's the most dramatic presentation since Late Great Planet Earth." ZeroHour, post on a popular message board

"I purchased and read your book "Earthquake Resurrection," which I found really interesting. Thank you so much for writing it. I also wanted to let you know that I really enoyed listening to you on the Big Finale Radio Show! Thanks for letting me know you would be interviewed there tonight. Your message was clear, and well-presented, and I hope many people will take what you had to say to heart, because Christ our Savior is coming soon!" Helena Lehman, author of The Pillars of Enoch series of books

"I never was able to get to your book that I ordered until NOW. . . This time I picked it up and started reading right in the middle. I was up all night reading chapter after chapter, and now I'm on Chapter Sixteen, almost through the book. Just wanted to tell you I never enjoyed anything so much. It's like a textbook to read Revelation with. IT'S WONDERFUL." Rachel Evans, West Virginia/Virginia

"I am about halfway into your book. It is absolutely brilliant! Bravo for your awesome research and out of the box conclusions. A lot of it makes perfect sense. I will order another one soon for my mother." Peter Kim, Skokie, IL

"The most linear, logical, well-referenced, understandable, and convincing explanation of End Times prophecy I have ever heard or read. At first I thought the earthquake senario was beyond reason but now I believe it has to be a necessary and intregal part of the Rapture event. Thanks so much for your inspiring testimony!" David Adams

"Excellent work. Your book really sheds light on the difference between the resurrection of those who eventually died a natural death and the resurrection to life that began with Jesus. It's just amazing how God in His patience has allowed man to unlock deeper secrets of creation, specifically scalar weaponry and it's ability to manipulate natural forces. How long will He tolerate this? Surely His return is near. Thanks for a fascinating book, and I hope you're at work on another!" Bob Patrick

"What carefully crafted concise and correct views articulating in contemporary verbage spiritually gratifying , thought provoking, reassuring of my Blessed hope and strengthing my sense of urgency about His SOON comming. I've ordered seven so far and given them to any who have spoken a hungry in the interest in the return of Jesus the living Christ.This IS a GOD anointed book. An absolute must.God bless you David !!" Robert Kinderman

"Of all the books I have read on prophecy, David's book had a strong witness in my spirit, especially regarding the taking of the scroll, and the elders being connected with the Melchizedek priesthood. May we see Jesus face to face in the near future!" Sharon Kaiser

"Thanks so much for your book! I have taught Revelation to a group of ladies a couple times now and most likely will again in future. Your book added much to my notes and increased my understanding and knowledge so much!" Shirley Gipe

"Great job, David -- and the interviews at PID were absolutely superb. It is always exciting to see new perspectives brought to light, especially when they are as well-researched as yours! Thanks for all your efforts." David Duncan

"David. After forty years of teaching Revelation, My eyes were opened to a couple of passages that I had wrestled with for some time. Thanks. I recommend this book to any serious Bible student. I am interested in your thoughts on the seventh trumpet. Thanks again." Ed Waller

"I have finished the book and am compiling some questions to ask. I have, and will continue, to recommend this book to those I meet. It has made things that I have thought,in the past, fit so well. I will read it again to make sure I didn't miss something. I love it when someone is willing to think outside the "tradions" of men and seek the truth." Duke

"The proverbial light bulb went on in my head after reading Earthquake Resurrection. Thanks so much for writing it. " Chrisie Guidry

"Fascinating book. As we rapidly approach the day of Jesus Christ's return the Bible has unsealed prophecy in major proportions. Earthquake Resurrection taps into deep truths surrounding the Last Days. Something to really chew on for anyone who calls themself a prophecy student. As the old saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet...". Earthquake Resurrection provides a glimpse at least. " Jerry Cesario, Oxnard, CA

"David achieves the near impossible: After 2,000 years of analysis and debate of apocalyptic prophecy, Earthquake Resurrection manages to offer a fresh take on the events of the End Times. Well organized and intelligently written, we highly recommend Earthquake Resurrection for students of eschatology." Derek Gilbert, St. Louis, MO

"The model presented by David Lowe is a sound model with in-depth research in both the Greek and Hebrew. Many puzzling questions about timing and who certain groups are in Revelation seem to be clearly explained i.e. The 24 Elders, The Souls under the alter etc. I think that this book's model may prove true soon. " David Molina, Long Beach, CA

"David's book is superb! I have long held the same expectation of a global earthquake at our gathering to meet the Lord, but David's research has added so much scriptural support and depth to this view that it was hard to put this book down. I highly recommend it to everyone who is waiting for that blessed hope, and all of those others who want what we have." Beth Moore

"First, I want to say, it is a marvelous book! I have searched the scriptures right along with the book. It challenges you to delve deeper into His Holy Word! I feel in my Spirit that you are right about the earthquake resurrection! I also think your analysis of the trumpets is clear and concise. I have finished the book and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I am reading parts of it again. It's the best book I have read in a very long time on prophecy." Bonnie Spradlin, Prestonsburg, KY

"I am just finishing up your book. It really makes alot of sense to me. I have an understanding of revelation that I didn't have before. I need to read it again." Jenny

"David W. Lowe has published some profoundly important material, which proves beyond any reasonable doubt the resurrection occurs at a great earthquake. Resurrections, historically, have. Lowe documents the overwhelming evidence supporting how resurrection data and earthquake data go together. . .see Chapter 6 of his book Earthquake Resurrection. . . I won't try to give a capsule summary of Lowe's evidence of the connections between earthquakes and resurrections. Just see his work. " Dave Duncan, author of The Year 2012 Scam

"Dave, I don't mind telling you that you have given me new insight and revelations as to the last trumpet. I agree completely with you. Now, I have been explaining to my people these new revelations and asked them for their forgiveness for leading them on the wrong path. Everything seems to gel together. " Jim Stewart, Knoxville, IN

"I want to thank you for your research. Many of the things that you address in the book have been questions I have had for many years . . .I have told many about it and most have agreed with the premise. I will also add that my brother Will is a pastor and he also bought one of the books. I don't know if he has written to you, but I will tell you that he has suggested this to some of the members of his church and some of the older congregational members weren't willing to think in a direction that isn't what has been the traditional thought on the subject. I don't know if you've heard from anyone that has had people reluctant to think about it this way, but I thought you may want to know this." Dawn Ferguson, Hoopeston, IL

" I just read your book with complete fascination. Growing up as a pre-trib adherent has left me puzzled about many things. I thought I was just missing something... why didn't things fit as neatly as I figured God would have them? Well, after reading your book, HE did make them fit! Like a hand in a glove - at least for those of us with an open mind and a hunger for the truth." Robert Tanner, MN

"Your book kept me on the edge of my seat. It was hard to put down . . .It was not difficult to read, I found it very enlightening. I compare it to a very rich dessert. One must consume it ever so deliberately to enjoy the rich content. I plan to keep it as a reference book and to read it in its entirety a few more times. I believe that you brought out so many things that have been overlooked and falsely interpreted by theologians and fellow Christians." Vanessa McKune, Castle Rock, WA

"Since my perceived stance on the timing of the events to come has changed so dramatically after having read your book, I'm trying to encourage others to read your book so we can discuss it. I really believe in my spirit that the Lord has given you an insight into His Word that is so cool!" Rosalie Ferris, Wilbraham, MA

"I just now finished reading Earthquake Resurrection and found it absolutely fascinating as it filled in the gaps for me that I have had since beginning my own study of prophecy back in the 60s when still a teen. I am very interesting in your new information on the "last trump" . . .I feel blessed to have corresponded with a "real" author!!" Susan Slater

"I finished your book on the weekend and can only say that I have a completely new perspective on Bible prophecy! Your ‘model’ appears to fill in a lot of gaps and answer some important questions regarding the nature of the dispensations of the Bible . . .thank you for the addendum about the ‘trumpet’ being the ‘Voice of God’. This makes complete sense." Barry Gravelle, Perth, Australia

"I just received your book today and have not been able to put it down. Your explanation makes perfect sense and it's so exciting to think about. Your book is very comforting to me as I anticipate the rapture happening in the near future. I think you are definitely on to something!" Pamela Lapp, Paradise, PA

"I just finished reading Earthquake Resurrection and feel I must write and tell you THANK YOU! Wow! is another word I should add. I am simply astounded by some of the things I read, and I learned a great deal from your extensive use of scripture. Thank you so much for writing and publishing this book." Mick Grissom, Paris, TX

"Through in-depth studies in both the Greek and Hebrew there are many things in Revelation 4-6 traditional prophetic models that are presented with this new model, and I believe, it is presented with a very strong and persuasive theory." David Molina, Long Beach, CA

"I want to thank first of all for a fantastic book, I was unable to leave my PC, it was totally gripping. The Lord has certainly given you a wonderful insight into his works, it has certainly cleared up how the order of things will be, millions of us have probably pondered over the same passages." Chrissy Knowles, United Kingdom

"WOW!!!!! That may not be a very intelligent remark, but your book is the best explanation I've read on eschotology. It should be required reading in every Bible College and Seminary (cemetary?) in the world. . . My understanding of the first six seals have been now changed. Thank you. A lot of us seem to get in a "rut" when studying prophecy. You have opened not only my mind but also my heart on a lot of un-answered questions I had. " Rev. James Stewart, Knoxville, IA

"I have to admit, as a twenty-five year veteran of theological review, I had never contemplated the interesting premise Lowe eventually puts forth. Frankly, I wish I had invented the hypothesis. I'm tempted to steal it anyway, to report it as my own, it's that creative. The "Rapture of the Church," Lowe says--an advent that some people believe will mark the disappearance of a large group of Christians worldwide during a single and unexpected harpazo--will unleash global earthquake activity and related catastrophic weather events as were prophesied in the Bible. . . Other equally thought-provoking and original ideas continue throughout Lowe's excellently researched book, and the author's writing style is clever and easy to follow--a truly insightful argument that in the end possesses broad eschatological and historical significance."Tom Horn, senior editor of Raiders News Update, and author of "The Ahriman Gate"

"Despite the sensational title and marketing copy, this is a serious book by an author who has done his homework. Also in contrast to the marketing copy, this is far more than a book outlining the author's specific rapture theology. Rather, it is a systematic presentation of a comprehensive end-times theology. . . It is well-written, comprehensive, and full of detail. "H.L. Nigro, editor of
Strong Tower Publications, and author of "Before God's Wrath"

"You have produced a good work for the Lord in your Chapter 12 of “Earthquake Resurrection”. . . We need more of this type of information from the Holy Spirit. Please continue allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you."Raymond

"As an active, long-time student of Bible prophecy and editor of Prophezine, I am the recipient of a steady deluge of information and theories on eschatology. . . I can honestly say that Earthquake Resurrection is the most intriguing book on the rapture and the resurrection that has crossed my desk in many years. If you like the reading style of Chuck Missler, then you will also enjoy David Lowe’s book. I give David Lowe’s Earthquake Resurrection my highest recommendation to all Prophezine members."Ray Gano, editor of

"You really made your cases with all of your scripture references. I haven't read anyone's interpretation with so much cross-referencing. Having read so much prophecy I was mainly interested in the earthquake references. But the chapters leading to your conclusions were fascinating. . .Thank you so much for your book. Your talent and skills at writing are evident. I will have to reread it because there is so much jam-packed into it." Kim Olsen, Belfair, WA

"I must tell you the Holy Spirit has moved me as I keep reading your book. I feel you have shed some new light on a very misunderstood and confusing part of the Bible for many. Once I finish the book and make a final summation on everything. I would be eager to help pass on this insight to others and let them know of your book." Brenda Connell

"I've found your book to be one of the most carefully worded and "straight as an arrow" presentations about the end times/Book of Revelation I've ever read. I think it's great, and clarifies many things that have been murky and unconnected to me, even though I've read Revelation many times. " Art Drexler, Advertising Manager of
Jack Kinsella's www.omegaletter.com

"I have much value in your book; and both Darrell and I greatly appreciate how you document your thesis with quoted scripture, your style of writing, and your "fresh" and challenging positions. You are making us "think," which is great!" Charles Strong, Editor of www.bibleone.net

"It is fitting and appropriate that the last sentence in the book contains your email address, because I feel a connection to you that can only be inspired of God. You have answered so many of my questions an given me a profoundly new way in which to study the Bible. My eyes are wide open and I will share your book with everyone I know." Bobby Mitchell, Houma, LA

"Thank you David for the invitation to review your website and book. I want to tell you that it was refreshing to read something sensible on prophecy for a change. I've tried to put the puzzle pieces together for a long time but have been unable to do so... possibly because my prophetic study has not been as serious as some other studies. You've put in lots of missing pieces for me through your thorough research and additional scientific and Greek additions. I find your speculations on the 144,000 to be most interesting and deserving contemplation. Frankly, it makes more sense than anything I've read so far. I want to order to least ten of these books for Christmas gifts (if I can keep them that long!!)." Willetta Pilcher, owner of www.theseedsower.org

"Dave, I am rereading your entire book for the second time. Isn't it strange how one can read something and miss it and then reread and a fact really hits home. Like all books, it takes a while for people to read, be affected by the message, tell others and soon by word of mouth others will buy this book. You just watch and see. I appreciate your hard work." Gerlinda Skaar

"Just finished your book...started in Monday night and couldn't put it down. Very interesting...many things I had not thought of before. I plan to reread it again and ponder some of your ideas. Thanks for a great book. Really made me think." Vance Cauthon, Pastor of Evangel Assembly of God in Wichita, KS

"Your book is wonderful! I can't put it down! Wow! Are you going to write any more books? People should be grabbing this up and filling their heads with knowledge." Maria Billups, owner of www.survivalsaints.org

"I believe the ideas and views expressed in your book [rapture model] is better than anything we have heard or been taught up until this point. How could all of these great and important pieces of information been left out for so long? Perhaps it’s because we're approaching the appointed time in which God will reveal his mysteries to his church. Thank you for being a willing vessel for the Lord's use. I pray that God has his will done with your awesome book!" Terrence Theodore, Brooklyn, NY

"Jesus has worked through you to inspire me and renew my hope . . .to bring back the peace of my salvation which I was losing by following doctrines that just weren't right. After I read your book, it was like you had filled in the few gaps that I couldn't figure out for myself. Now I have complete peace. Thank you for allowing Jesus to work through you." – Cory Ferguson, Birmingham, AL, owner of www.alleyesonchrist.com

"You must get this printed. It’s superior to anything we have ever read on the resurrection. Every minister in the world should read it!" – Beulah Ott, Leslie, AR

"Reading Earthquake Resserection was a breath of fresh air. The content was thought provoking, to say the least: Consistent with Scripture, and put to application with the advances of technology of our day. Anyone interested in the nuances of the events that will eventually take place during the End Times should definitely read this book. " Lorraine Blackwell, Gilroy, CA

"Your study opened up more of the Bible to me than I had ever known. Your insight into the Bible and current events brings an excitement and thrill." – Stephen Hamburger, Shoreview, MN

"Eye opening. Shocking. The best book I've read in years. The pattern of quakes so easily overlooked in the rest of the Bible, gives new insight into the mysteries of Revelation. David's job of putting forth this and other theories is very fresh. David's job of connecting the dots is superb. I love the consistency of having actual Bible verses quoted every few paragraphs and the painstaking analysis of the original greek. Obscure verses in the New Testament when linked to their counterparts in the Old open wide what was before very well hidden. Dont miss this book. Everyone will learn something.. even the athiest who might not always see the connections between science and the divine creator." – Tony Burtovoy, Kalamazoo, MI

"Your careful and immense use of scripture is a must for God to open his children’s eyes in these last days." – Randall Pendland, ThD, PhD, Pinehurst, TX

"Your book deserves the attention of every serious student of Bible prophecy." – Rev. Gail Ott, Vancouver, WA, author of I Have Been Young, Autobiography of Gail B. Ott

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